About Rodi

Rodi Alexander Friedman
Certified Health and Nutrition Coach

Rodi Alexander Friedman has been an international Entertainer for over
20 years, performing in Theaters, Atlantic City, on Cruise Ships, and working
with many celebrities. Rodi’s passion in the education of nutrition is just as
strong as her passion to perform. A health advocate for over 20 years, Rodi
has spent the last 5 years as a Certified Nutritional Coach, donating her time
lecturing in schools, and educating children, teachers and parents on good
nutrition and improving their health. She has also worked in the fight against
childhood obesity with Shaq’s Kids at the Metamorphecise Fitness and Spa.
Rodi has served on the Broward County Nutritional Advisory Committee and
has been asked to appear every week with a nutritional message on Broward
County’s school TV broadcast system. Her passion and goal is to reach as many people as is possible due to the deteriorating state of human health
today. Her lectures are filled with much passion, high energy, and a plethora
of information. She currently works as a Health and Nutrition Coach for Dr.
Steven Schnur, Cardiologist and Founder of Elite Health at Mount Sinai
Medical Hospital in Miami Florida. Rodi is also a writer for ENV Magazine,
having her own column and writing a different health article every month.
In addition, for the past 15 years, Rodi’s continual association as a board
member for the subsidiary of the Organ Transplant Foundation of South
Florida has enabled her to bring her expertise and passion for health for
generations to come.